Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championships

The Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championships regatta is a regatta for upper boats. The men’s and women’s varsity 1 & 2 eights will be competing.


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The event will be held on the northern shore of the Occoquan Reservoir in Sandy Run Regional Park, 10450 Van Thompson Road, Fairfax Station, VA

Sandy Run Website:


May 14, 2016

Rower Travel Schedule

Rowers need to be at W-L by 5:45 am, bus leaving at 6 am.

Race Schedule

The revised  heat sheet:


* The schedule has been updated. The main concern is getting the regatta in with winds forecasted to increase to 13+mph tomorrow after 11am along with thunderstorms rolling in sometime after 2pm.

Race Course

The race course is on the Occoquan Reservoir.

The area where the Regatta Headquarters is located includes the boat launch area, the boat trailers, the W-L team tent (where rowers hang out), and a concession area. The race finish line and the grandstand/cheering section are located further up the river. The two areas are connected by a trail that goes through the woods – about ½ mile. The trail is a dirt path, not paved, but is a lovely walk along the river and the forest. Make sure to wear good walking shoes – no sandals or flip flops.

There is also a food concession stand at the grandstand, along with bathrooms. Unfortunately, no dogs permitted in the park. For more info, go to

Directions and Parking

Click on “View larger map” to get directions.

Take I-395 South to I-95. Continue south about 15 miles. Just after crossing the Occoquan River take Exit 160 (Route 123 North – Occoquan/Lakeridge) and proceed on Rt 123 approximately 3 miles to Hampton Road. Turn left at the light onto Hampton Road and go approximately 1 mile to Van Thompson Road and turn left. Follow Van Thompson to parking lots.

With no delays (check traffic report the morning of the race) the park entrance to Sandy Run Regional Park is about 30 minutes from Arlington. Plan to arrive at the parking area at least 3 hours prior to your rower’s race.

Parking is $15.00 per car. Cash only – exact change appreciated by the volunteer parent parking crew! The parking crew will direct you on where to park. No parking allowed along neighborhood roads.

This regatta will be one of our largest – parking will be at a premium and we will be utilizing the offsite parking lot shuttle service. We will use the VASRA Twitter account @vasrapraking to notify you when the onsite parking lots are full so you can plan accordingly. Please plan to spend at least 45 minutes using the shuttle service. No one wants to miss their child’s race. There is a $5/per person fee for the shuttle service – cash only.

Please be courteous to the Parking Volunteers and do not take out your frustrations on them.  They are volunteers supporting VASRA and providing a service for the race

The Shuttles will start running from the Off-Site lot at 0700.

There is a document on the VASRA Web site with more information.  The times are not current, but the rest of the information is good.

Satellite Parking

If you are coming later in the morning, there is parking in a shopping center just off the exit from 95. There will be signs in the medium to direct you and shuttle buses will take you to the event. Just as you take the 123 exit from 95, to look for Old Bridge Road. The satellite parking lot is in a shopping center there. I was also informed that if you see a shuttle bus driver in this lot you could ask them what the parking situation is closer to the event. They have a radio and can find out if the lots by the river are full or not.


Food:  Boosters will provide sandwiches, some snacks and drinks for this event.  Rowers should pack a breakfast and plan to buy extra food at the concession stands if they need it.  Here’s what we need from you:

Rowers w/ last names that begin with A-H:  send fruit
Rowers w/ last names that begin with I-Q:  send gatorade
Rowers w/ last names that begin with R-Z:  send cliff bars, granola bars or some other healthy bar.

Tomorrow morning, remember to send your rower with their assigned item.  They can bring it on the bus with them and drop it off at the tent when they arrive.  We’ve done plenty of shopping to keep them fed, and Luis Perez is bringing sandwiches, but we’re depending on your contributions as well.

Also, if you’re on early duty for a VASRA job, and you think you will arrive early enough to get on site-parking, please consider picking up a box of coffee on your way. I know the coaches will be there crazy early for the coaches’ meeting, as will Glenn and I to set up — coffee would be welcome.  Boosters will reimburse you.  As soon as well we’re set up, I’ll send out a picture of our location using the Remind app.  Bring your rain gear, and send your child w/ a change of socks/shoes.

Remember to have your rower bring his or her water bottle — they can fill up from our cooler.  We will not have plastic water bottles at the tent.

Cleanup help:  Please stay after the last race and help us pack up.


One more VASRA job to fill:  We have one more VASRA job to fill at this weekend’s regatta.  This is the last time this season we’ll need to help the organization out.  If you haven’t signed up for a VASRA job yet, please, please do it now.

This is an end of the day job, no need to get there early.  If that won’t work for you, but you can help out, contact Jennifer Adams right away, she has a possible alternative job.  I’ll need to start calling parents who haven’t taken a VASRA job this season if we don’t fill that spot by tomorrow, and I’d rather not do that.

Items for Parents to Bring
Folding chair
Bug spray
Cash for parking and food
Reading material for between races

(not allowed in the park are dogs, bikes, or alcohol)

Also — there are only porta-potties (suggest you bring hand sanitizer or hand-wipes — pack some for your rower, too, along with bug spray, sunscreen, and a hat for them)