Meet the Boosters

Board of Directors

John Weaver
Vice President
Galen Requist
Alison Levy
Keri Cupples
Faith DelVecchio
Fundraising Coordinator
Swati Limaye
Volunteer Coordinator
Erica Canfield

Lead Volunteers

Regatta Chair
Claire Maddox
Wreath Sales Coordinator
Mulch Sales Coordinator
Chris Muldowney
Novice Parent Liaison
Mary Ettelt
VASRA Representative
Julie Halferty

About the Boosters

The W-L Crew Boosters is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, incorporated in 1987, with the sole purpose of supporting the crew program at W-L High School. Its primary functions include fundraising, and recruiting and coordinating parent volunteers for regattas, team events and fundraising activities. All activities are undertaken by volunteer members — parents or guardians of students who participate in the crew program. All crew parents automatically become members of the Crew Boosters.

Members of the W-L Crew Boosters Executive Committee, who must be parents or guardians of students participating on the crew team, are elected at the annual meeting in June and assume office then. They are responsible for conducting membership meetings of the Boosters, handling official correspondence, maintaining minutes and files of the organization, preparing an annual budget, coordinating fundraising activities, paying bills, maintaining financial records, recruiting volunteers, and working with the W-L Activities Director, coaches, captains to ensure a successful rowing season. The Executive Committee meets at least monthly year round.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend our monthly Booster meetings. Meetings are generally the second Thursday of the month at W-L.  You can hear what’s going on, learn how to get involved, and share your thoughts.

Fundraising coordinated by the Boosters covers the purchase and maintenance of boats and other equipment, rowing association dues, student memberships at the Potomac Boat Club, regatta expenses, and coaches’ training/education expenses.

W-L High School and the Arlington County Schools support crew as a varsity sport. Coaches are vetted, hired by, and report to the W-L Activities Director. The County covers the cost of transportation to and from practice and regattas, equipment insurance, and coaches’ stipends.

Mailing Address

W-L Crew Boosters
P.O. Box 50611
Arlington, VA 22205

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