W-L Crew and the Boosters welcome contributions to help us purchase new equipment. Equipment is by far the largest expense category of the team. Without outside contributions, W-L Crew would not be able to buy new shells and keep our team at its fastest. Your donation will go directly toward helping your WL crew team, and is 100% tax-deductible! Any contribution is welcome.

Donations can be made with a credit card though the Fund W-L Crew website, or by mailing a check to…

W-L Crew Boosters
3033 Wilson Boulevard, Box E541
Arlington, VA 22201

In recognition of large contributions to fund the purchase of a shell (typically two-thirds of the cost of the shell), W-L Crew and the Boosters will grant boat-naming privileges to the donor, subject to final approval by the W-L Crew Boosters Executive Board, in consultation with the coaches. The W-L tradition is to name boats after individuals or groups strongly identified with W-L Crew or W-L High School (e.g., past W-L Crew coaches, rowers, parents, other supporters of W-L Crew, “Class of 1960”). Names of companies and other organizations not directly related to W-L Crew will also be considered. A boat will retain its name for as long as it is part of the W-L Crew inventory.

If you are considering a large donation to W-L Crew or including W-L Crew in your estate planning, please feel free to contact the W-L Crew Boosters President directly.

The W-L Crew Team really appreciates your support!

Make a Donation Today.

The W-L Crew team thanks you for your support!