Who can participate?

W-L Crew is open to any current student of Washington-Lee or 8th grader who will be attending Washington-Lee next year.  Also, 8th-12th graders at H-B Woodlawn whose base school is Washington-Lee also are eligible to participate.

VHSL eligibility standards state that a student must be passing 5 out of 7 courses at the midterm of the school year.

Practice schedule and transportation

Crew is a spring sport. The season starts each mid-February through late May or early June.

Every Monday through Friday until 6pm. Saturday practices as scheduled by your rower’s coach, usually 2 hours in the morning.

Bus transportation is provided Monday-Friday by the County either by School Bus or Metro Bus, leaving school at 3:15 pm to go to Potomac Boat Club in Georgetown. Many of our athletes choose to run to the boathouse on the bike path, depending on weather. One of the parents (a volunteer Dock Sitter) provides transports the runners’ school bags to the boathouse. At 6:00 pm, an APS bus will return the rowers to W-L, typically arriving around 6:30 pm.  For Saturday practices, athletes are responsible for their own transportation (some older rowers drive, although parking is limited, and others either bike or need to be dropped off and picked up; car pooling encouraged).

Time commitment

Crew is a sport that requires substantial skill development, team building and conditioning.  The team requires that all athletes commit to come to practice everyday and attend all regattas; each coach and athlete depends on the other athletes’ active and steady participation. The coaches realize that special situations arise. Please communicate directly with your athlete’s coach as early as possible about any unavoidable absence.

Spring Break – We row as much as we can during spring break. The coaches ask that you plan your schedules so that the athletes are available during this time. We understand that for new rowers commitments may already have been made. Please communicate with your coach as soon as possible about any planned spring break conflicts.