The participation of crew parents is essential to the continued success of a crew program at W-L. Each family is expected to volunteer during the course of the year.

There are many jobs for which we are always looking for parents. For most, no special skill is needed.

Throughout the year, all parents are encouraged to assist in our fundraisers. The Wreaths fundraiser occurs in November and December. The Mulch sale is our largest fundraiser and participation by all athletes and parents is required. It begins in January, with home delivery the first weekend of March.

We encourage all parents to support the crew program with your presence at regattas. Come cheer for the W-L Crew team. It really means a lot to the rowers to know they have your support for their efforts. But beyond spirit lifting, parents are needed as regatta volunteers and dock sitters. Crew parents are expected to do dock sitting during the season and work at a minimum of one regatta. Without parent volunteers there would be no regattas. We need you!


Regatta Volunteers

W-L is expected to provide 5-7 volunteers for regattas on the Potomac and 8-10 volunteers for regattas on the Occoquan. If we do not fill these positions we must pay a fine. Most jobs require approximately 3 hours. Therefore, we require every crew parent to volunteer for at least one regatta job. Again, most jobs require no special skill or training. Only a few jobs require some instruction, such as a launch boat driver. Most jobs can be explained in a couple of minutes. When you sign up for a job, you will get a copy of the jobs description, date, and time. Contact the regatta volunteer coordinator to sign up and more for information.

See the full list of Regatta and Scrimmage volunteer positions

Any words of advice for someone volunteering at a regatta for the first time?

Sure. Feel free to ask questions. There is always someone who can tell you more about the job. Also, dress for the weather. The weather on the water is always a little more extreme and you may be there for a few hours. If you are in a boat, you may get wet, also the sun reflects off the water and you can really get a bad sunburn–bring hat, dark glasses, and sun protection. Be flexible. You may be needed at another position. Have fun!

Crew Bag Driver & Dock Sitter

Volunteer parents are needed at the Boat House (no operational duties are involved) from 3:45-6:00 p.m. each day of practice when students are present. An adult’s presence on the dock is necessary in case of any emergencies, since the coaches may be on the water with rowers. The job begins with the docksitter driving to W-L at the end of the school day to pick up backpacks from rowers who are running from school to the boathouse.  The docksitter then drives to the boathouse where the rowers retrieve their backpacks upon arrival.

Dock sitting is a wonderful opportunity to see how practice is run, how the rowers handle their responsibilities for rigging and handling the shells, and generally how rowers train for this sport. It is rare opportunity for parental involvement in a high school sport practice and one worth taking. You can volunteer for one or more days.

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Regatta Food Manager

Plans food for away regattas; Shops and transports and distributes food and drink for breakfast and any meals on regatta site.

Stotesbury Food Manager

Manages on-sites cooking, e.g. hamburgers. Brings cooking grills plus the food to be grilled; sets up; cooks; cleans up.

Tent Set up and Dismantle

Transports and sets up tents and dismantle at end. This job requires ability to get to regatta site early.


Chaperones are needed for away regattas such as Stotesbury and SRRA (Nationals).

Booster Coordinator Positions

Fundraising Manager/Vice President

Develops a plan for fundraising in conjunction with the Board; coordinates fundraising activities including recruitment of leads for each fundraiser; assists leads in project management which includes developing a time line for critical tasks. Sometimes this person becomes a trouble-shooter if problems develop with a project. This individual collects brief reports after each fundraiser for historical record; provides oversight of accounting system for fundraising credits; reports to the Board on progress and issues related to fundraising. Because fundraising is the largest activity in the club, the President often works closely with this person to monitor fundraising activities and help trouble shoot when necessary. The Vice President can serve as the Fundraising Manager or a separate position can be recruited if the Vice President and President feel it is needed. Fundraising activities include:  Wreath sales, Friends and Family Appeal, Mulch Sales, Holiday Bazaar, etc.

VASRA Representative –

W-L Crew’s representative at the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association who operates the regattas in Virginia.  Our representative attends monthly meetings, casts votes for W-L, reports to the Booster president, coaches and Boosters.

Clothing/Gear Sales Coordinator

Handles ordering and sales of unisuits, crew clothing and gear


Sends publicity to W-L newsletter editor and Friday W-L e-mail source; assists fundraising project leaders with publicizing their fundraiser when asked.

Fundraising Credits Coordinator

Receives fundraising credit information from Fundraising manager or project lead; applies formula for crediting agreed upon by the Board; sends out information to rowers when requested; compiles master roster of rowers after mulch delivery;


Takes pictures of team at regattas and various events, posts on website or photo sharing site.

Social Committee

A committee of volunteers that organize, coordinate, purchase, and recruit volunteers for social events for the crew team, such as the Season Kick-off Dinner, The Evening on the Potomac, the States Team Dinner, Alumni Picnic and the Recognition Dinner.

Land Equipment Coordinator

Stores W-L trailer that has banner, tents, chairs paper products, grills and researches and purchases new equipment when necessary.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinates the tasks everyone must participate in: Regatta jobs,mulch delivery day and fundraising activities.

Website Administrator

Updates and maintains Booster page on W-L Crew website

Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator

Files annual application for Combined Federal Campaign by due date; provides short narrative for booklet and widely disseminates CFC pledge number to W-L alumni and all families in W-L and HB schools. This volunteer identifies volunteers to help with mass mailing and prepares short summary of event including contact information, general guidance and lessons learned.

Car Wash Coordinator

Books location and dates for summer car washes in conjunction with captains (Captains take the lead in this.) Recruits parent supervisors for each car wash. Captains recruit rowers to work.  Coordinator insures that captains have the supplies list so that they can purchase expendable supplies needed; stores non-expendable supplies and ensures clean, adequate supply of towels for each event. Insures that captains maintain a log of rowers’ work hours and that it is forwarded to fundraising accountant. This person also purchases any car wash equipment needed.  He/She also reserves the hose and bus lane from W-L. Coordinator prepares short summary of event including contact information, general guidance and lessons learned.

Mulch Sale Coordinators

Negotiates mulch prices with vendor; places order with vendor, obtains approval from school, sets date for sale and delivery, coordinates truck and fork lift rentals, receives orders, establishes a timeline for the project and selects other committee members to handle:

  • Preparation of sales flyer
  • Publicity
  • Route mapping
  • Food
  • Volunteer recruitment and scheduling

Wreath Sales Coordinator

Negotiates prices and deliveries with nursery; prepares and distributes packets with order forms and directions; collects orders with payments, compiles orders and places orders with supplier for delivery.  Also coordinates pick up of wreaths for distribution.

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Helps improve communications with alumni to increase their financial support and interest in crew; coordinates annual appeal to alumni

Liaison Positions

NCASRA Representative

Attends monthly meetings of the National Capital Area Scholastic Rowing Association.

GLOC Liaison

Attends monthly meetings of Georgetown Local Organizing Committee and fill one GLOC committee job. GLOC is the organization that manages all high school regattas on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers.