Support W-L Crew

Our mulch fundraiser provides money to buy shells (boats), oars, motorboats and other necessary equipment to help W-L Crew remain competitive. By buying mulch from W-L Crew Boosters you are supporting a truly great and historic Arlington tradition. Of course, there are also practical considerations for buying W-L Crew mulch.

  • Receive a 40% tax deduction for your purchase; donations are 100% tax-deductible
  • Get high quality shredded hardwood mulch (harvested in West Virginia) delivered to your home
  • Eliminate the need to travel to a big-box store or nursery for mulch
  • Spare yourself the time and trouble of lugging heavy bags of mulch
  • Avoid making a mulch mess in your own vehicle

Our success on the water depends on your support!


Mulch Madness is a major undertaking involving hundreds of volunteer hours over an entire weekend. To pull this off, we need every rower family to participate.

Order Today

All orders must be received by Sunday, March 3. Mulch will delivered on Saturday, March 9.

  • 10-20 bags: $8.00 per bag
  • 21-50 bags: $7.50 per bag
  • Over 50 bags: $7.00 per bag

Minimum order is 10 bags. Pay by check, credit card or debit card.