W-L Rowers and Families –

We are writing to share that the WL Crew Team annual mulch sales fundraiser is starting this weekend.  Obviously, because of Covid-19, the fundraiser is going to look different this year in a number of dimensions.  Nevertheless, we are optimistic the program can be successful in terms of raising money, team building and Covid-19 safety.  Please see below for key details of this year’s mulch fundraiser.


Covid-19 safety precautions make our traditional “Mulch Madness” delivery day impossible.  In particular, multiple unrelated rowers driving around Arlington in the same vehicle just won’t work.  Instead, we will need to rely upon an alternate approach.
Mulch will be distributed on two days – Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21.

  • Customers will be given the option to pick up their purchased mulch at the distribution point.  These “pick-up” bags of mulch will be sold at a lower price.
  • Mulch deliveries will be conducted only by rower family units (e.g. a rower, a rower’s parent(s), and perhaps rower siblings).  No mixing of unrelated people in confined spaces is the rule.  The mulch delivery and pick up operations will take place entirely outdoors.
  • Mulch deliveries will take place in the family vehicle or in one of some number of pickup trucks rented by the Boosters.
  • This scaled back delivery method won’t allow for large deliveries – there will be a maximum delivery order size of 40 bags.  There is no maximum on the number of bags ordered for pick-up.  The minimum order for delivery will be five bags.
  • Saturday March 20 is the day for “delivery” orders.  Ideally, we would have almost universal participation on this day – from rowers and their families.  That said, we do understand that some folks may have safety concerns (see safety discussion below) and there is no requirement to participate in this event.
  • Sunday March 21 is the day designated for “pick-up” orders.  We expect our volunteer needs on this day will be relatively modest.


  • The sales window this year is from Saturday 1/23 – Sunday 3/14
  • Rowers are encouraged to make sales through email solicitations or through the use of the sales flyer along with a personal note left at doors.  Given Covid-19, rowers should not directly interact with customers by knocking on doors.
  • Due to our limited distribution capacity, we may need to cut off sales at some point if the number of bags sold exceeds some yet to be determined threshold.

Fund W-L

  • As has been the case in year’s past, sales will all occur through –  Fund WL Crew
  • Customers can order mulch directly though the Fund WL site – which is typical for credit card orders.
  • Rowers can enter mulch orders on the behalf of a customer – which is typical of check orders.
  • All orders have to be complete – including collecting the checks – by Sunday 3/14.

Rower Credit

  • Rowers will get a $4 fundraising credit for each bag sold.
  • The Booster Board understands that it is unrealistic to expect rowers to sell as much mulch this year, relative to a normal year.  The Board is reviewing lowering the rowers’ fundraising goals targets.


The Booster Board understands that rower (and family) safety is of primary importance.  As spelled out above, we have made a number of modifications to the mulch fundraiser to minimize Covid-19 transmission risk.  The full list of precautions applied to the mulch distribution days include –

  • Everything will take place outdoors and participants must be masked at all times
  • Unrelated persons will not be allowed to commingle in an inside space (including a car)
  • All persons will make a reasonable effort to maintain six feet distance while outside
  • Participants need to bring their own food and water, there will be no shared food available.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.

We will be in touch with you again and we look forward to working with the rowers and their families on this year’s biggest fundraiser.


Rick Holt, President, W-L Crew Boosters
Tim Sears, Mulch Madness Coordinator

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