St. Andrew’s Regatta


St. Andrew’s is a private boarding school in Middletown, Delaware. (Remember the movie Dead Poet’s Society? It was filmed there.) We only attend one regatta here each season and it includes some of the top programs in the northeast.  For more information go to

St Andrew’s is about a 2 hour drive.  Middletown,Delaware is approximately 1 hour from the Bay Bridge. It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon and watch the races.


From Arlington, take 395N to 295N,then take US Route 50 east towards Annapolis. Continue on Route 50 past Annapolis and cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Bear left on Route 301 North when it splits off Route 50 and follow 301 for an hour to Middletown, DE. At Middletown, exit right on 299 east, which is East Main Street in Middletown. Cross the railroad tracks and in one or two blocks, turn right on South Broad Street. Pass St. Anne’s Church Cemetary on your right and start looking for Noxontown Road to your left. Turn left on Noxontown Road. Continue on Noxontown Road past St. Andrew’s School on your right, continue around the bend in the road and on your right you will see Noxontown Pond, the race course, and then a fenced field with buses, tents, racing shells and parked cars. Turn right into the race and parking area at the break in the fence. 

Race Course

Lane 6 is closest to the visiting crews’ launching area and lane 1 is closest to the St. Andrew’s campus. The race goes from left to right, with the boats coming in sight for the last half of the race.  The race course is on Noxontown Pond, the school’s private lake. It is great viewing for the races because the course is in a very narrow part of the lake, making it easy to see. You stand on the bank of the lake and the rowers are very close. 

There are no permanent facilities for guest teams, so we bring everything.  We set up an area for the day with our trailer, tent, food and chairs for the rowers and parents.

Food for the Team

This regatta is about a 12 hour day for the rowers; boosters will provide some light breakfast items and a chili/soup lunch, but parents should send food for their rower to eat in the morning on the two hour bus ride. There are no concessions on the site.

Conditions and Facilities

The conditions are primitive and muddy. There are no indoor facilities or paved areas. It can be wet, muddy and chilly so be sure to dress for the weather. A big blanket to wrap up in and shoes appropriate for a muddy field will come in handy. Be sure to bring your own seating – folding chairs are great. There are only porta-potties on site. 

Be sure to send dry/warm clothes and maybe even shoes for your rower for after their race. It’s a misery to get through the day wet and cold.