Wreath Sales

Wreath Sales at a Glance

We are selling wreaths now through Sunday Nov. 11 — all orders must be entered on-line by November 11th!

We have two products:

1) Wreaths (25″) for local delivery sell for $33 per wreath. ROWERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAND DELIVER THESE WREATHS to their customers the first week of December. Exact date of pick-up is TBD.

2) Wreaths (22″ and gift boxed) that can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Shipped wreaths sell for $43 per wreath – they make GREAT Holiday gifts for out-of-town friends and family.

For payment, we can accept cash, but prefer checks or credit card on-line at https://www.fund-wlcrew.com/. FYI that checks with a name and address are easier to track if there are any questions surrounding the order.

Wreath sales are a great way to achieve your fundraising goals, with $10 from every wreath credited toward your fundraising objective.

ALL ORDERS MUST BE submitted on-line BY NOVEMBER 11 – NO EXCEPTIONS. Please try to get your orders submitted when you receive them – try not to wait until the last day. Please send all payment (checks) to: Allison Holt 378 N Granada Street Arlington VA 22203.