Time Standards for the Spring Season

Starting in 2014 all returning rowers are required to meet a time standard on the erg before going on the water. Rowing is an intensive and rigorous sport requiring a significant amount of dedication to be successful at a championship level. The goal of the standards is to encourage all athletes to consider their goals and fitness plans prior to the season. The team’s mission is to create a positive, competitive, athletic team. It simply not possible to be successful in our sport jumping into the season having not prepared in an organized and consistent fashion. The standards listed below are considered by the coaches to be achievable by the broadest possible group, by anyone actively improving their fitness, and keeping in mind the statements made above.

Done on the erg, over 2000 meters, rowers must meet the following times:

Boys Girls
“2nd year” Frosh and Sophomores 7:40 8:40
Juniors and Seniors 7:30 8:30


“2nd Year Frosh” are defined as rowers who rowed for W-L as 8th graders. The time of the test and the manner in which it will be conducted will be announced by the coaching staff, and is considered a coaching decision. Those athletes not meeting the standard will be prescribed a training plan which they will follow at PBC. A retest date(s) will be provided. Those athletes not making the time standard after one month of the season may be place on an “active reserve” status whereby they will report to the boathouse to train and support the team, but may not be boated.

Lastly, the coaches would like to remind all athletes that we are here to help you succeed! Our goal is to help you achieve yours, meet the time standard, and have a great spring racing season!