Open Houses

Any student and  parent interested in joining the crew team is encouraged to come and learn about our team at one of our October Crew information events.

These events are held at the Potomac Boat Club located at 3530 Water St. N.W, Washington DC 20007. Metered parking is available nearby.

Parents will have a chance to meet the coaches and booster representatives

Students will have an opportunity get into a rowing shell and get a taste of rowing.  (weather permitting)

The Open Houses are the 1st through 4th Saturdays in October from 10:00-12:00pm.  This is not a “drop in at your convenience” time frame.   Arrival at 10:00am is required to benefit from the event.

To be able to get onto the water a signed US Rowing Waiver is needed.  These forms will be available on site, or can be found under the PARENTS tab of the website.