Team Fundraising

Fundraising expectations for rowers

As a member of the Washington-Lee Crew team you have a fundraising obligation in addition to dues: return rowers must raise $950; novice rowers $500.

In addition to the requirement to meet your fundraising total, there are additional required activities. All rowers are REQUIRED to attend a mulch letter stuffing in  January. Additionally all rowers and one parent are REQUIRED to be present on mulch delivery day.  Rowers are required to work from 7:30 am until all mulch is delivered. Parents need to volunteer for a morning or afternoon shift for Mulch Madness. You will have an opportunity to sign up for your mulch volunteer job at the mandatory Season Kick-Off Dinner in February.  You have several options for fulfilling your fundraising requirements.

  1. Wreath Sales – Wreaths are sold in October and November and are delivered in December.  Rowers get  some fundraising credit for each wreath sold.
  2. Friends and Family Appeal – once again a letter will be available to rowers to print and send to friends and families letting everyone know about the great things crew is doing. Additionally this is an opportunity to invite your friends and families to support you and crew with a cash donation. Any donations received will be credited at 100% to the rower indicated.
  3. Mulch sales – in January we will begin selling mulch.  Returning rowers are encouraged to contact their past customers and solicit orders. We will provide lists to each rower with their past customers. New rowers can be provided with customers who do not have an assigned rower that are in their neighborhood. If the order form has the rower’s name, that rower will get a $4 fundraising credit for each bag sold.
  4. Direct Donations- when rowers are selling wreaths and mulch, we encourage them to ask for a cash donation. Any donation received will be credited at 100% to rowers, if the rower’s name is on the order form. Additionally for mulch sales, we will have 2 canvassing dates in January and February where rowers go to neighborhoods in small groups to sell mulch and solicit donations.
  5. Finally, rowers and parents can opt to write a check to cover the fundraising requirement. Remember, this is separate from dues! On Friday, March 14, when all much orders are due, any rower not having met the $950 or $500 level will be required to cover the remaining amount in order to continue rowing with the team. We have tried to provide different options to the team in order to meet your fundraising totals.

Hopefully each rower can pick one or two activities that work for them. If you have any questions please feel free to contact  our fundraising chair.