St. Andrews Regatta


April 1, 2017


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The Event

St. Andrews is a private boarding school in Middletown, Delaware. (Remember the movie Dead Poet’s Society; it was filmed there) We only attend one regatta here each season. It is a smaller regatta with some of the top programs in the NE.


St. Andrew’s School, 600 Noxontown Road, Middletown, Delaware


Athletes should arrive at school no later than 7:45 am Saturday morning at the band hallway door nearest the bus loop. The bus will depart shortly thereafter on our way to St. Andrews.

There will be a coaches and coxswains meeting at the pavilion at 12:00 noon.

Races will go from 1:00 – 4:30 pm.

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Race Course

Lane 6 is closest to the visiting crews’ launching area and lane 1 is closest to the St. Andrew’s campus. The race goes from left to right, with the boats coming in sight for the last half of the race. The race course is on Noxontown Pond, the school’s private lake. It is great viewing for the races because the course is in a very narrow part of the lake, making it easy to see. You stand on the bank of the lake and the rowers are very close.

There are no permanent facilities for guest teams, so we bring everything. We set up an area for the day with our trailer, tent, food and chairs for the rowers and parents. It is a nice event because the parents and rowers are based in the same area for the regatta.

Note that there are no indoor facilities or paved areas. It can be wet, muddy and chilly so be sure to dress for the weather – you will be out in the elements all day. A big blanket to wrap up in and shoes appropriate for a muddy field will come in handy. Be sure to bring your own seating – folding chairs are great. Just so you’re prepared, porta-potties only. Also, bring binoculars!



Please don’t wait until the last minute to sign up for a food item(s) to send along with your rower. We need to make sure everyone is well fed – there are no food concessions at this venue.

Sign up

All food donations need to be brought to W-L when your rower gets on the bus in the morning.

It is about a 12-hour day for your rower. All rowers need to bring food for the bus ride and pre-racing such as a sandwich, drink and healthy snack. The booster tent will be set up around 10:00 am this year with some light breakfast and beverages.