SRAA National Championships Regatta

May 27-28, 2016

The Scholastic Rowing Association of America has been the principal source of rules and procedures governing high school rowing. The primary function of the SRAA® is to run the scholastic championship regatta each May, determining the North American Champions. High school athletics does not allow sporting events to be held which decide national champions. This regatta, nevertheless, is informally recognized by the rowing community as a national championship.

Dillon Lake, Dillon State Park, Zanesville, OH

Washington-Lee boats participating:

Men’s Varsity 8, Women’s Varsity 8, Freshmen Men 8, Freshmen Women 8

Live Stream

Saturday afternoon racing begins at 12:15 pm.

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W-L in Semi-Finals (Saturday, May 28)

Freshmen Men 8: 9:05 am
(finished 6th in Heat 1, did not advance to Grand Final)
Men’s Varsity 8: 11:05 am
(finished 5th in Heat 3, did not advance to Grand Final)

W-L Friday heats:

Freshmen Women 8: 9:20 am
(finished 5th in their heat, missed advancing to semis by .8 sec)
Freshmen Men 8: 9:25 am
(finished 4th in their heat, advance to semis)
Women’s Varsity 8: 3:15 pm
(finished 4th in their heat, do not advance)
Men’s Varsity 8: 3:25 pm
(finished 3rd in their heat, advanced to the semis)

Race Course



Directions and Parking

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