The 1976 V2+ by John Ryder ’77

My name is John Ryder and I graduated in 1977. I just discovered the web site and I am very impressed. However, I have found a mistake in the Team history section. In 1976 Charlie broke up the V8 for Nationals (we really stunk up the place at Stotes!) into a 4 w/cox, a 2 w/cox and a pair w/o cox. I was the cox of the pair but I cannot remember the names of the oarsmen (huge guys – both seniors that year and varsity linemen on the football team!). We won Nationals (by 8 lengths I might add)! I don’t recall any other pairs racing that year, including the 2V credited with winning NOVA’s, however I may be wrong. Again, the site is great. Hope I have been helpful.
John Ryder ’77