1963 V8 by Bill Ingram

The Inside Scoop: 1963 V8

Dear George:

I enjoyed reviewing the W-L crew history section of the web page. I did note some corrections/additions you may wish to make.

I (Bill Ingram) rowed 3 on the 1962 JV 8 that won Stotsbury and Nationals. Charlie moved me from the 3rd eight to JV the week before Stotesbury.

Stroke for the 1963 V8 was Steve Wynn (brother of Gregg Wynn who rowed 6). Coxwain for our V8 was (Jim) Brasfield.

More than setting the record for the mile at the Stotesbury Regatta, I remember how happy Charlie was that one of his varsity 8’s had finally beaten Kent School in Conneticut. We beat Kent on their course during a dual meet earlier in the season.

We won the Northern Virginia Championship in 1963 by beating a Hammond team that gave us trouble all year. During that race, Bill Clapp’s oar came out of its lock (and ended up alongside the shell) just before the sprint. Bill was a basketball player with correspondingly long arms, and I remember (as I was 2 and he was bow) watching as he recovered in only two strokes to include putting his oar back in the oarlock and reaching over and closing the lock. What could have easily cost us the race turned out to be only a minor delay.

Again, I thank you for your time in putting together this history. It was fun to remember some great moments.

Bill Ingram ’63